Document Management

Since 2004 when our dedicated DMS development division was launched, we delivered valuable solutions to enterprises operating in Oil & Gas, Telecom, Retail, Construction and Healthcare industries.

Building DMS Solutions on World’s Leading Platforms

We deliver tailored solutions matching a particular business context

We are experienced both in electronic document management and solutions that support paper document flow

We work with more than 160 document formats including PDF, Spreadsheets, CAD Drawings, etc.

Building User-centric, Workflow-oriented Solutions

Our primary focus when developing and implementing document management solutions lies in business process automation facilitating operations for specific user roles at every stage of document life cycle. We offer our knowledge and skills in a number of DMS functional areas supplemented by system integration experience.


  • Automation of manual input routines
  • Scanning, recognition and routing to initial destinations
  • Assigning initial metadata
  • Version management
  • Data quality management


  • Workflow history audit
  • Batch processing & aggregated documents
  • Version control and workflow history audit
  • Collaboration tools and workspaces


  • Metadata based search
  • Full text indexing and search
  • Document life cycle management
  • Document related task management


  • Authentication and access control
  • Digital signatures
  • Data encryption
  • Secure transactions


  • CRM, BI, Accounting, Inventory Management, Project Management systems
  • Engineering applications


  • Document flow stats
  • Metadata based reporting
  • Aggregated documents

Business Specific Solutions


High complexity and industry specifics of engineering documents complicated by extensive collaboration with multiple providers/suppliers requires a strong vertical expertise and solid technology background from a DMS developer . Itransition offers:

Finance & Accounting

Itransition pays special attention to automating document workflows for accounting and financial audits, and especially to automating data transferring to accounting and finance software units.

Sales & Marketing

Itransition designs DMS solutions to support everyday activities of your marketing and sales pros and boost their performance through fast request processing, document generation and efficient team work, providing:

Production cycle

DMS solutions delivered by Itransition comprise full-cycle production documentation management and, thus, accelerate workflows throughout all organization levels, supporting Enterprise Resource Planning. Itransition takes care of all production-related documents:

Sales & Marketing

At Itransition, we consider DMS as one of the valuable data sources for BI systems, since document flow reflects relevant business process and contains much of the business data needed for decision making. We offer our technology expertise in:

Value-added servicing

Free DMS consultation

We offer a free consultation program to help you identify which DMS solution fits your business needs better.

DMS Maintenance & Support

We offer multiple maintenance and support scenarios for your DMS solution to ensure its reliable and secure operation.

DMS Training

We provide training for DMS solutions to ensure smooth system launch and help your business derive maximum revenue from efficient data organization and employee collaboration.

DMS Integration

Itransition delivers integration solutions of DMS with processing and CRM systems, office applications and engineering software.

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