Digitech Labs offers extensive hands-on experience in development of incredibly feature-laden mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as HTML5 based mobile websites, helping businesses to make that pivotal shift from web to mobile.

Mobile-Centric Apps

By mobilizing your business we let you enhance customer experience and drive additional revenue. Digitech Labs delivers multitier mobile solutions that let you bring your goods and services to your customers wherever they are, providing for better engagement and retention.

Extending Enterprise Into Mobile

Digitech Labs expands enterprise applications on to mobile devices bridging existing environment with your mobility demands. We develop custom backend, middleware and frontend solutions that help you introduce mobile endpoints into your infrastructure meeting your field force automation needs.


Near Field Communication

We deliver NFC-enabled apps to assist your business in improving asset, facilities, staff and security management. We also utilize NFC to build applications that let you implement fast and secure payment transactions at retail point-of-sale environments.

Optical Character Recognition

By implementing OCR into your mobile app we let you get rid of manual workloads. Digitech Labs delivers custom OCR-enabled apps that reduce your operating costs by improving information accuracy and automating data capturing and processing in the field.


Digitech Labs leverages Beacons to let you harness the power of location-based targeting. We deliver Beacon-enabled apps that help you increase customer engagement by delivering location-aware information and implementing in-store retail and offline payments.


Digitech Labs develops custom location-based apps that allow you to pinpoint related enterprise information on the map. By utilizing geolocation we help you improve asset management, enable fleet tracking, geofencing and provide your customers with relevant location-based content.

Augmented Reality

We utilize AR to help you perform real-time data visualization on site or in the field. Digitech Labs delivers custom AR-enabled apps which provide your customers and staff with an ability to discover specific assets in close vicinity and overlay them with contextualized information.


We deliver mobile streaming solutions that help you engage with clients in retail and broadcast environments or bring flexibility in remote working conditions. Empowered with encoding and encryption, our custom mobile apps are also capable of addressing the specific surveillance and security needs of your business.


  • High software and hardware fragmentation
  • Open source nature
  • Strong chance of capitalizing the app in the market
  • Multiple distribution channels

Frameworks and components

  • Android SDK
  • Android Annotations
  • Titanium
  • OpenGL
  • Sherlock Action Bar

Developments Languages

  • C++
  • Java


  • OrmLite


  • Accelerated app approval
  • Shared user experience and codebase across the ecosystem
  • Deep integration into digital wallets, social services and online mobile hubs

Frameworks and components

  • Windows Phone SDK
  • .NET
  • Azure
  • SignalR
  • WinJS

Developments Languages

  • C#
  • JavaScript

Tools and solutions

  • MVC
  • SQlite


  • Write-once-run-anywhere approach
  • Same look and feel for any OS
  • Written entirely in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Same code for different mobile makes and model

Frameworks and components

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Gumby
  • Skeleton
  • Sencha Touch

Developments Languages

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • PHP


  • Migrating from a single-platform legacy environment to a multi-platform mobile ecosystem
  • Focus on highly usable mobile interfaces that will lead to high user adoption
  • Written entirely in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Incremental approach to development: a comprehensive review of your legacy portfolio to set priorities

Legacy platforms

  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry


  • Advantage of platform-specific functionality
  • Native app look and feel
  • Greater reach
  • Reduced development costs

Legacy platforms

  • MoSync
  • Whoop
  • Appcelerator
  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap
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Digitech Labs accelerates mobility performance by fine-tuning loads and creating backend environments capable of handling your mobile application demands. Focusing on a simple, intuitive and fast UI we implement best caching and syncing practices to ensure unimpeded data interchange within enterprise-level infrastructures.

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We follow best security practices and standards right from the early stages of app development. Digitech Labs mitigates risks by implementing MDM/MAM user authentication and encrypted data transfer, thus, ensuring the security of sensitive data.

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We ensure interoperability and integration of your applications with disparate software and data sources. Digitech Labs delivers frontend and middleware mobility solutions capable of connecting to existing infrastructure, utilizing various APIs, data connectors and communication protocols.


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